Start small, Change matters!

In celebration of the annual World Animal Day, the SPCA is organising its 9th Aniform Day on 4 October, 2023 to advocate the importance of treating animals with love, respect, and care, and move a step closer to developing a pet-inclusive Hong Kong. 

Themed “Start Small: Change Matters,” this year’s Aniform Day aims to arouse public awareness of animal education at an early age. Encourage children to love unconditionally and help animals in every way they can, for instance, donating their pocket money or toys to animals in need.  Every little helps. Small children can also be our big heroes in saving animals’ lives. 

1st Exhibition
25 November – 29 December 2023
Office Lobby, G/F, D2 Place TWO, Lai Chi Kok
2st Exhibition
9 – 22 January 2024
Piazza, Times Square, 1 Matheson Street, Causeway Bay
3st Exhibition
April 2024
Dogathon 2024
(Stay tuned for our announcement)

The SPCA Goodwill Ambassadors

Rescued by the SPCA inspectors, Loki and Pepper have been adopted by the same staff and become the SPCA Goodwill Ambassadors. Every day they are committed to spreading the message of caring, accepting and respecting animals to the society, and bringing pawsitivity to the people at the Hong Kong Centre. Get involved in this year’s Aniform Day. Be an ambassador like Loki and Pepper to arouse the awareness of animal welfare at your schools, corporations, and every corner of the city.

Get an Aniform Bank
Donate HK$199 to receive an Aniform Bank (dog or cat limited edition) as your piggy bank.

Fundraising Competition

Donate your savings or funds raised online by logging into website before 12 November. Your donation will support the animals in need at the SPCA and cover their medical and daily expenses. Participants who make extra donation of HK$20 will receive a certificate of appreciation.

The top 10 fundraisers of each group# will be presented with a certificate of appreciation at our award ceremony to be held on 25 November.

Submission deadline :

12 November 2023


– Kids group (aged 11 or below)

– Young Adult group (aged 12 to 17)

– Adults (aged 18 or above)

Drawing Competition

Free to join the Aniform Bank Drawing Competition. Unleash your creativity by drawing your Aniform Bank. Contestants are required to submit a photo of your work by logging into your account on this website. Our panel of judges at the SPCA will choose a total of 103 winning designs from all categories* to be exhibited alongside celebrities’ art pieces in a month-long exhibition from November 2023 to January 2024.

Submission deadline :

12 November 2023

Category for individual group:

Public (no age limitation)

Categories for participants enrolled from school:

– Kindergarten (K1-K3)

– Junior Primary (P1-P3)

– Senior Primary (P4-P6)

– Junior Secondary (S1-S3)

– Senior Secondary (S4-S6)

– Individuals (no age limitation)


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