T-Shirt Design Competition

Let’s draw Aniform together!

SPCA(HK) are hosting our 7th Annual Aniform Day on October 4th Unleash your imagination and bring your own Aniform creations to life using T-Shirt as your canvas for “Aniform T-Shirt Design Competition”.

The winning designs will be exhibited in Aniform Day Fashion Show and several exhibitions. To express our gratitude for your support, each participant contains a certificate of appreciation.

Aniform Day 2021 T-Shirt Design Competition

Theme of the Design Competition: Caring for animals, Respecting all life. Each participant has specially design a one-of-a-kind Aniform T-Shirt for the SPCA advocating animal welfare.
Registration: Donate HK$200 via the "01 Heart" platform to participate in the "Aniform Day 2021 T-Shirt Design Competition". Donors will receive an Aniform T-shirt as a canvas to participate in this design competition. The organizer will courier the T-Shirt to the participant. To express our gratitude for your support, each participant contains a certificate of appreciation.
Submission Period: 26 August to 27 September
Manner of examination: SPCA(HK) will review the Artworks and will, at their sole discretion, select the Winning Artworks that best reflect the Contest theme. SPCA(HK)’s reserves the final right to this design competition.
Notification to Winners: The winners that have submitted the Winning Artworks will be notified individually via E-mail.

Rules and Regulations:

  • Each participant can only submit one T-Shirt artwork.
  • Participants need to provide the SPCA with their full name as shown on their ID card (to verify identity when receiving awards), contact phone number and email address for communication purposes.
  • All submitted artworks will be used for online display, exhibition and publication purposes. The SPCA owns the forever rights regarding the use of all artworks submitted, in addition artwork submitted will not be returned to the participants. By submitting your artwork(s), you have authorised the SPCA irrevocable, global, lifelong and royalty-free rights, thus allowing the SPCA the right to edit, duplicate, publicly exhibit and/or use in publications and other media without the need to seek for prior consent or to pay usage fees.

SPCA x Aniform Day T-shirt