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MiQi provides fingerprint profiling services. We are the first to innovate and apply technology to fingerprint profiling. We have developed 7 typical personality types and each of them is represented by a lovely animal. Fingerprint DNA is like a treasure chest, open the mystery of your own innate fingerprints, understand the advantage characteristics and talents of your own animals, so as to live your life to fullest and cherish the relationship with animals. Interested to discover yourself?

  • "Discovering Your Own Self" Tour - Face to Face Private Consultation (Reservation required)
  • The ten brain regions of the human brain are closely related to the fingerprints of ten fingers.
  • Fingerprints can reflect the innate potential and behavioral characteristics of different brain regions
  • HK $299 Instant fingerprint personality analysis (15 minutes Private Consultation)
  • The report Includes four brain regions analysis::
    Interpersonal management, self-management, spatial imagination, logical analysis

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With variety looks of Salad poodle, it already became the mascot of the brand. Over the years, it appears in Salad outfit, advertisement and shops in different forms.

In 2018, the first of ever Swarovski crystals Salad poodle collection was launch and the huge Swarovski and block poodle figure became our popular store manager! This year, the brand collaborated with Mr. Men Little Miss and released a cute and stylish streetwear collection. There will be a special parent-child outfit line for family!

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PJai, a working Shiba which joined ad-lib (a local apparel brand) as PR assistant in 2016.

In the same year, Pjai Collection launched in which Pjai's images were widely used in a range of unisex apparels and kids wear. One of the best sellers until now - PJai Omamori, with Hong Kong Style blessings, has attracted lots of people.

In 2018, the PJai & Friends Pop-up stores located in local malls, including Causeway Bay, Mongkok, Tai Po, etc., have created noise with mass media, which has greatly increased PJai' s popularity.

Recently, PJai also collaborates with different brands and develop crossover goods like bedding items with Casablanca and 3D figure with Toyzeroplus.

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eCup is the leading coffee App in HK which digitalise the entire coffee ordering journey and promote coffee culture to the public. It allows coffee lovers to explore cafes nearby, order and pay without queueing, and earn rewards. eCup has over 50 partnered cafes, which is around 20% market share of individual cafes in HK. Now they have selected some hot items from famous Urban Coffee Roaster and Hands-on Coffee for pet lovers.

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HAPPIPLAYGROUND is a family that is made up of different animals. Despite being different species and having different personalities due to their zodiac signs, they share the same love of nature. Their motto is to be “Happy All the Time”, sending positive energy and joy of life to the world.

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The pioneering “Heptagon” necklace collection from R&R Signature Jewel is definitely your best choice to support Aniform Day.

Delicately designed in heptagon shape with 7 colours to cater 7 types of animal personalities, the Heptagon necklace collection features 7 animal silhouettes pendants, showcasing the uniqueness of each animal character trait and promoting the message of the harmonious co-existence of humans and animals.

Be an animal-loving fashionista today by wearing your statement Heptagon necklace! Together we can make the world a brighter place for all living creatures.

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Our team was a group of raw material traders who love to travel and explore high quality natural resources. Someday, we took a trip to West Africa after we completed our work in Africa and started our journey with Shea Butter:

Since then, Purity Ranch traveled through most of the Shea belt countries, including Ivory Coast, Ghana, Mali and Morocco, to select the highest quality Shea Butter for consumers.

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Babyboom was founded in October 2001 as a partnership formed by a group of professionals who concern deeply about the development of children. We aim to select high-quality educational brands directly from all over the world at your convenience. We engage in both wholesale and retail market.

We believe that education is pivotal to a child’s development. We are committed to nurturing a generation of people who enjoy learning, be good communicators, be courageous in accepting responsibilities and be creative and innovative. Hence, an assortment of educational kits ranging from toys, motor skills development equipment and STEAM teaching materials & courses have been chosen to develop your children’s multiple intelligence (MI) and to enhance a closer parent-child relationship.

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The philosophy of AZ CREATIVE is built upon the collaboration of cultures & creativity of different background. Interesting designs can be brought out through diversified inspirations.

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Established since 1993 in Hong Kong, Casablanca is one of the leading branded bedding products companies in the Greater China region. The Company mainly engaged in the design, production, distribution and retailing of bedding products, with a focus on the high-end and premium markets operating mainly three proprietary brands - Casablanca, Casa Calvin and CASA-V. In 2012, Casablanca Group Limited (Incorporated in the Cayman Islands) has been successfully listing on the Main Board of The Stock Exchange of Hong Kong Limited (Stock Code: 2223), becoming a bedding brand enterprise that listed in Hong Kong, constantly creating everyone's European-style home in the form of the Italian artistic style.

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Limited Edition Mr. Men Little Miss Animal-Themed Products

The SPCA proudly presents a limited collection of Mr. Men Little Miss animal-themed products. Get yours now and wear the one that best represents your “pawsonality” on Aniform Day!

Donations $300 or above, will be awarded:

Mr. Men Little Miss
Stylish Tee

Donations $200 or above, will be awarded:

Mr. Men Little Miss
Limited Edition Tote Bag

Donations $100 or above, will be awarded:

Mr. Men Little Miss
Animal Character Pin


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